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Exclusive Interview: Sick Individuals « The Top Sound

Exclusive Interview: Sick Individuals

Here comes a statement that some may find exaggeratory, but I assert it with unflinching certainty: Sick Individuals should be headlining major EDM festivals. I’m talking Ultra Music Festival. I’m talking Electric Daisy Carnival. I’m talking Tomorrowland.

I have never been so perplexed by any musical artist or group’s lack of fame relative their production talents and skill behind the decks. This Dutch duo hasn’t performed at the major festivals, nor have they so much as toured the United States. These guys should, and will, be HUGE. On originals, remixes, and DJ sets alike, these guys are on point every time. Indulge your eardrums with a few of the recordings we’ve scattered throughout this article, and explain to me how these guys are unfit to move a sprawling, 5-figure strong festival crowd. You can’t.

We caught up with Jim and Ray of Sick Individuals to discuss their recent success and what we should look forward to from them in the near future. Here’s something to jam to while you read.



D.Rob: You guys have had an absolutely epic 2012, there’s no doubt about that. With remixes for the likes of Tiesto, Nicky Romero, Justin Beiber, Nadia Ali, and Flo Rida and your amazing original “Running Away” all being met with smashing success, you guys are well on your way. Are you happy with the progress of your careers to date? Even given how fast you guys are moving, do you sometimes get frustrated that you’re not yet where you want to be?

Sick Individuals: We are definitely really happy with the results of 2012. It has been a great year with massive opportunities, and new collaborations with big artist are on it’s way. We’ve got a long way to go to the top…we don’t really care that much about how fast we are moving, but more that we’re moving up, and we are really enjoying every second of it!


D.Rob: What track are you most proud of to this point (either remix or original). If you can’t pick a favorite, which one do you think gets the crowd going the craziest?

Sick Individuals: We’ll always tell you that it’s one of the latest tracks we have made…we’ve just finished a remix for Icona Pop called “I Love it” and we really love it’s end result. It smashes hard in your face! 😉



D.Rob: The Netherlands is an electronic music factory of sorts, pumping so much talent into the EDM scene. What are some of the advantages you’ve experienced coming from one of the world’s major EDM hubs? Have you faced any challenges coming from this crowded market?

Sick Individuals.: One of the advantages is when people here you are Dutch, they know they’ll have a good time on the dance floor, but you still have to work it! Of course to keep the myth strong 😉 haha


D.Rob: How do you two split the labor between you? How do you stay out of the way of each other’s creative process?

Sick Individuals: We got comfortable working with each other through our study at the School of Arts (The Conservatory of Music), we both studied Composition & Music Production and that is actually were Sick Individuals was born. That’s why we work together on music and DJ’ing in the booth. 



D.Rob: Do you guys have any plans to grace us with your presence in the United States any time soon? How far away do you think you are from performing at a festivals like Ultra, Electric Daisy Carnival, or Electric Zoo? (And who the hell decides these things? Haha I’d rather see you guys at these festivals than half the artists on the bill. If your podcast is any indication of what kind of show you can put on, sign me up to see you guys live.)

Sick Individuals: A tour in the United States is definitely on top of our wish list and it is one of our main goals we’ve set for 2013, including the big festivals. Even if it’s a small slot to begin with, we are really excited. Let’s go, let’s go!!


D.Rob: What should we be looking out for from you guys in the near future? Any big releases coming up?

Sick Individuals: We have a lot of  projects we’re really excited about. It’s a bummer that we’re not able to tell you guys exactly what they are, though. But let’s say we were given the opportunity to work with two big artist that have been in the DJ Mag Top 100 for quite some time. We got a lot more new music coming up…releases on Size Records, remixes for Nervo, Hook N Sling, Dimitri Vangelis. We have a few collaborations coming up. We are 24-7 in the studio, and are really hyped about the upcoming months!



Thanks so much to Sick Individuals for taking the time to do this interview! They’re destined huuuuuuge things. And soon. Make sure to hit them up on their social links below! Like, follow, listen!




 And just dropped on Soundcloud today, here’s their new joint, a remix of Korr-A‘s “Firecracker“.






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